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Understanding Your Responsibilities

Honda New Zealand approached Wood Training after realising that their health and safety systems had not been reviewed for many years. Honda selected Wood Training to conduct a review of their health and safety systems due to their extensive knowledge of legislative requirements and customer-centric approach. Wood Training worked in partnership with the team at Honda to update their health and safety policies and procedures to meet best practice.

Keeping People Safe

“Honda had established sound safety systems but needed to update their practices to meet changes to the Health and Safety at Work Act and ensure consistency across their seven New Zealand branches” said Mark Stewart, Health and Safety Project Leader at Wood Training. 

To achieve Honda’s goal, the expert team of safety consultants from Wood Training conducted a thorough review of Honda’s health and safety policies and procedures, comparing these to legislative requirements. Mark and his team overhauled Honda’s procedures and put together a customised health and safety plan that could be applied across all Honda branches throughout New Zealand.

With an NZQA compliant health and safety plan in place, Honda was confident that their employees were working safely and they were prepared for changes to legislation.

Wood Training continues to work with Honda to ensure the successful implementation of their health and safety plan.

The Results

  • Honda received an up to date health and safety plan, incorporating best practice solutions and current legislation.
  • Consistent safety procedures were implemented across Honda’s seven New Zealand branches.
  • Honda avoids potential fines and incarceration for failing to comply with legislation.