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Putting Safety First

Griffin's Foods Limited has two factories in Auckland where they make their range of biscuits and snack foods. These large operations, although owned by the same company, are run as separate business units.  Pip Matenga, the Health and Safety Manager, had noticed inconsistency within the business towards safety culture, safety competence and underpinning skills. Pip knew their safety practices were sound but wanted to be assured that the safety practices had depth and were consistent across the sites including the sales and administration teams.

Keeping People Safe

Wood Training believes the best way to ensure a consistent safety standard across multiple sites is to embed into the organisation a robust, sustainable and transparent training plan.  It is important to us that we genuinely understand the people and businesses we work with.  We listened to Griffin's to understand their safety ethos, training expectations and outcomes.  A healthy training strategy and high-quality bespoke training were created for Griffin's to ensure that they were “keeping people safe”.

With NZQA compliant Health and Safety Training activities in place, Pip could rest assured that a resolute and consistent safety message was being communicated across the organisation.

The Results

  • Griffin’s maintained their Tertiary level Safety accreditation.
  • Up to date training presentations and student workbooks incorporating Griffin’s practice, best practice and current legislation.
  • Consistency across the sites with Health and Safety training
  • Long-term Safety, Quality and Production benefits with a consistent Safety message across the business.