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Training for Real Life Situations

Air New Zealand was seeking quality permit to work training for its employees. They wanted to ensure that training was comprehensive and relevant to their current policies and procedures. Due to Wood Training’s flexible training solutions and quality reputation as a training provider, Air New Zealand turned to our expert team to facilitate and coordinate permit to work training for their employees.

Keeping People Safe

To ensure that training was relevant to Air New Zealand processes and procedures, our knowledgeable consultants worked with the team at Air New Zealand to adapt permit to work course material to suit Air New Zealand’s practices. Wood Group’s expert training consultants then facilitated the permit to work training at the employees’ place of work.

“The end result was high quality, bespoke permit to work training for Air New Zealand, referencing their current processes and work environment” said Hamish Piercy, Health and Safety Advisor at Wood Training.  “Air New Zealand could rest assured that the training received by their employees was of a high standard and could easily be transferred to their normal work environment.”

Since conducting the permit to work course, Wood Training has continued to work with Air New Zealand to facilitate and coordinate further training.

The Results

  • Air New Zealand employees received quality, personalised training incorporating Air New Zealand practices as well as best practice and current legislation.
  • Training was NZQA standard accredited.
  • Air New Zealand employees have a thorough understanding of their work environment and go home safe each day.